MiraCosta College Life Science Lab


MiraCosta College, Oceanside, CA


MiraCosta College Life Science Lab
1 Barnard Dr,
Oceanside, CA 92056


The MiraCosta College Laboratory Refurbishment was intended to be a simple multi-room interior renovation project.
However, while performing our selective demolition, we discovered critical deficiencies in the facility’s ventilation system, which required immediate attention.

After communicating the need with the MiraCosta College project management team, Neuroth Construction re-sequenced the project and the scope of work to include the installation of a new snorkel exhaust system with the new and upgraded hood venting required.

We continued our selective demolition, removing the cabinets and countertops, while we also removed and replaced the existing ceiling tiles in the adjacent laboratory spaces. We did this work while the updated ventilation system was being routed and installed to save time and avoid delays.

New and re-shaped lab countertops were added, with a new LED lighting system including Title 24 compliant fixture controls: Lutron dimmable wall pods, occupancy sensors, and room power packs. Walls, ceilings and all interior surfaces affected by construction were professionally finished, prepped and painted as required.

Because of our diligence and attention to detail, Neuroth Construction also provided an unsolicited deductive change order for the project, saving MiraCosta College critical funding and resources.

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