Life Science

We are Mobilized and Ready

Headquartered in San Diego County, one of the fastest growing life science markets in the world. Whether retrofitting an existing office building or constructing new facilities, challenges and opportunities await developers in the life science industry.

The construction professionals of Neuroth Construction are mobilized and ready to meet those challenges, so you can make the most out of your opportunity.

Safety and security upgrades

Interior and exterior reconfigurations

Design and floor plan modifications

Expanded mechanical, electrical and plumbing capacity

Emergency power generation

Data centers, vivariums and negative-pressure rooms

New land construction, existing facility renovations and retro-fits. Your office, research, testing, and laboratory needs are met with safety, expedience, and precision.

Recent Clients Include



City of Loma Linda

Project Manager

"Sooo Much Better than the contractor's we have worked with in the past" (During Construction)

" You guys have gone above and beyond what we would expect" (taking care of warranty work)

Norco Riley Gymnasium

Project Manager

I have been here for 20+ years..... you are the best contractor we have ever worked with." (At OAC meeting, when discussing closeouts)

MiraCosta College

Facilities Director

It's a relief to work with a contractor like you guys.... not trying to change order us for everything" (When NCI provided unsolicited deductive CO)

Cal State University San Marcos

Project Manager

"You guys did a great job... I know you will do great things" (At Final Owner Walk/ Handover)

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