Norco Riley Gymnasium


City of Norco, California


Norco Riley Gymnasium
3950 Acacia Ave.
Norco, CA 92860


The Norco Riley Gymnasium in Norco, CA., is the center of thriving youth athletic programs and adult recreation.

Local and neighboring residents enjoy basketball, volleyball, dance class at this center of community activity. The facility also boasts second floor suites for hosting both public and private events.

As prime contractor for this renovation and remediation project, we updated and installed facility-wide improvements to meet current ADA accessibility requirements.

We removed old, out-dated spray-foam insulation and insulation board from the facility walls and ceilings. More selective demolition and disposal was required of the existing water damaged ceilings, walls, flooring and subflooring throughout the second floor area of suites.

We provided new spray-foam insulation, and an updated fire guard system encapsulated with an elastomeric coating over the walls. New Long Tab Banded Insulation system was installed across the 35 foot-high ceiling.

A new electric, ADA accessible entry system was created to allow easy access to the facility. And protective backboard cushions and padding were also installed. We replaced the old court divider curtains and updated the drinking fountains to meet ADA standards as well.

The restroom facilities were given a functional accessibility facelift with new counters, sinks, and toilet partition modifications to adhere to ADA accessibility accommodations. The stairwells and handrails were configured to meet ADA standards. And we installed new flooring throughout the second floor suites. The entire facility received fresh paint, sealants, ADA placard signage, accessories and lighting improvements to complete the project.

The major challenge in the Riley Gymnasium improvement project was removing the old 35 foot tall interior ceiling,while protecting the newly installed maple hardwood gymnasium flooring. It was critical for us to protect the new facility’s flooring investment, while operating industrial man-lift equipment inside the facility.

An additional challenge revealed itself while we were removing the ceiling. A main structural beam that had deteriorated from water damage required our immediate attention.

This crucial structural remediation was executed with our signature efficiency. We successfully completed the project within the original timeline and within the city’s original budget.

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